How To Fix A Soda Fountain Machine Quickly & Easily

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A beverage cup saying, "if it weren't for the last minute nothing would ever get done.

It’s the last minute and your drink machine has a problem – @$%!?

It never fails. Just before you expect a busy time, you or your customer’s drink machine has a problem and it can’t wait.


Don’t panic! Most common problems can be solved quickly by either:

    1. The store / restaurant manager.
    2. The service provider via the phone.

BevClean is dedicated to helping everyone maintain and deliver a perfect drink every drink. Indeed, there should be no better soft drink than one delivered by a fountain dispenser.


Below is a list on how to fix a soda fountain machine quickly and easily.

How to Fix a Soda Fountain Machine / Dispensing Gun – most common problems.

  1. Dispenser is not working at all.
    1. If system is electrical dispenser, make sure system is securely plugged in. If so, check your breaker box.
    2. Be sure CO2 tank is not empty.
    3. Make sure system is turned on. Usually a key switch on the side of dispenser.
  2. Pump is continuously pumping.
    1. Find which pump is pumping and follow the product supply line (See Image 1 below), usually a clear hose, to the bag that is connected to this pump. Then make sure bag is not empty.
    2. Your bag connector may not be attached to the bib syrup bag. If so, try one of the following:
      1. Replace with new bag n box.
      2. With a sanitary towel or food service glove, press the nipple valve on the end of the bag connector, the part that goes into the flavor bag (see Image 2 below), until pumping stops.
      3. Drop the connector into a bucket of potable (drinkable) water. This will pull water in until the system is pressurized and pump will stop. You may need to depress the nipple valve (see Image 2 below), so water can enter.
      4. loosen CO2 supply line clip (See Image 1 below) and remove the CO2 supply line all together. 99% of the time the CO2 supply line, from the pump, will have an automatic shutoff which will engage upon disconnect and stop gas flow. This will save you from draining CO2 bottles. (See Image 1 Below)
  1. Products are brown or off color.
    1. Check to see if product is in date.
    2. If in date, run product through system until color is back to standard.
  2. Dispensed drink has small dark particulates.
    1. Remove dispensing nozzle/z and clean the nozzle and everything that is under nozzle – the exposed valve using a sanitary, small brush and towel to clean fully.
  3. Soda is flat.
    1. Make sure carbonator is plugged in securely and operational.
    2. Check to make sure your CO2 tank is not empty.
    3. Make sure your ice bin is filled with ice. No ice = warm syrup = flat drink.
  4. You hear a hissing sound near product rack.
    1. Make sure the CO2 bottle connector is tight.
    2. Make sure the O-ring is in place between the CO2 bottle and CO2 connector.
    3. If coming from a product pump.
      1. Make sure CO2 supply line is secured tightly within pump.
      2. If secure and pump makes a steady hiss(not normal pumping sound), you can loosen CO2 supply line clip and remove the supply line all together. 99% of the time the CO2 supply line will have an automatic shutoff which will engage upon disconnect. This will save you from draining CO2 bottles.
  5. Your system is only dispensing syrup. No water or carbonated water.
    1. Check to make sure water source has not been turned off.
    2. Be sure carbonator is plugged in.
    3. If you can, follow water source and check for kinks in water line.

By The BCC (BevClean Certified Cleaned) Team

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We Value Your Input…

If you have any questions or something to add to the how to fix a soda fountain machine guideline, please leave a comment below!!!


For solving most problems, before they arise, you should put in a minimum quarterly cleaning program.

A cleaning program, performed every two months, will ensure a perfect drink every drink. We hope you will consider BevClean for your cleaning system and product of choice.

If you should have any questions or problems, please leave us as much detail as you can so that we may give you an adequate assessment as quickly as possible.

Thank You. Looking forward to helping!

6 Comments on “How To Fix A Soda Fountain Machine Quickly & Easily”

    1. Hello,

      The first thing to check is your CO2 pressure. On your tank will be a large regulator. The large regulator should be set to 100 lbs of pressure. If it does not, there is a flat adjustment screw on the regulator. Turn that until the pressure reads 100 lbs.

      There will be another smaller regulator, just off to the side of the large regulator most likely mounted to your beverage rack or wall. This is the regulator that regulates your syrup pressure. This should read 50 lbs. If it does not, there is a flat adjustment screw on the regulator. Turn that until the pressure reads 50 lbs.

      If your regulators are set correctly. Your machine needs to be cleaned and the brix/calibration of your syrups needs adjusting. You may want to call your technician for that. You can easily clean your lines safely with BevClean and, may times, this is all you need to solve your problems, as you machine’s valves get clogged from sugars and solids.

      Please let me know how this works out for you!!!

      Warmest Regards,

      BevClean Team

  1. I have a bar gun that won’t stop putting water. On a related note the ice been underneath had a chill plate that is not cold (it’s melting the ice

  2. Need help! I have a 3 head tower and 2 are carbonated and the other isn’t. (I.e. Diet Coke, diet Dr Pepper and Powerade) the one that shouldn’t be carbonated (Powerade) is getting gas into it. I can physically see big bubbles in the water line when it is pulling just plain water. I have tried purging the water from the carbonator emptying it and then turning on the water and let it fill all the way up and then turn gas on. My gas on co2 cylinder is 100 psi and tank shows 800 psi and bib regulator is at 55. Any guesses?

    1. John,

      The towers, as it sounds like you know, has 1 generally long stainless fitting for water and 1 for carbonated water. There are only three ways I can think that you are getting carbonation to a product that should just have water.

      1. The tower inputs, inside the tower were never split off to allow for carbonation and water, as all three valves are are only receiving carbonation.

      2. Whomever installed the carbonator T”d the line from the carbonator sending 2 carbonated lines to the tower allowing both inputs into the tower to receive carbonated water only.

      3. There is a reverse flow preventor on the carbonator that is allowing the carbonated water to back up into your buildings cold water plumbing. If this appears to be the case, turn off the carbonator immediately. When carbonic acid hits your copper plumbing a gas will form causing anyone who drinks this to have major vomiting and gastrointestinal distress. Call a technician right away. Please see this link:

      Please let us know what you find!!!

      All the best,

      The BevClean Team

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