Drink Dispensing Machine / Bar Gun – Preventive Maintenance

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Chalkboard with quote an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Of course, no one would give a customer a drink from a dirty glass. However, a drink from a dirty drink dispenser is identical… perhaps not as visual.

Whether you have a maintenance program in place or not, you will pay the piper either way. Time and money will be spent. More money will be spent on equipment and service, if a program is not in place.

Why Cleaning Has Been Ignored:
  • There’s never been a standard
  • It’s never been easy
  • It’s never been safe


“Regardless of the beverage brand you carry, the quality your establishment dispenses – good or bad – is a reflection on your own brand.”

Soda Fountain Machine P.M. Guidelines

This post will focus on both daily and monthly – quarterly procedures to optimize equipment performance, reduce costs and deliver perfect drinks.

Preventive Maintenance (P.M.)
It’s the answer to a successful fountain drink program:

Ensures customer satisfaction and repeat business
Dramatically reduces service and related costs
With modern technology, such as BevClean No-Rinse, cleaning easier than ever

Daily / Weekly Maintenance

Why it’s important and What to Clean

The key to a great and consistent fountain beverage is a clean dispenser – both inside and out.

Of course, cleaning your lines and internal system parts of your drink dispenser should be performed with regularity related to the types of beverages you serve, cleaning your nozzles, the external parts of your valves & bag/box connectors is equally important.

Routine daily maintenance is quick and easy, especially when kept up.

There are only 4 parts, besides an exterior wipe down, that need to be cleaned daily:

  1. Nozzles
  2. Valve Diffusers
  3. Valves in and around nozzle/diffuser
  4. Bag Connectors

See diagrams below…

We recommend using a toothbrush, a small pipe brush tool, a towel and a cleaner with sanitiser solution. Please see diagrams below.

Parts/Areas to Clean To Ensure Quality

Dispensing Valve

Bar Gun Dispenser

When finished cleaning the above parts thoroughly, pour the cleaner with sanitizer down the dispenser drain. While the drain has little effect on the drink quality, if not cleaned it will grow bacteria and cause a fowl odor. Ultimately, the drain will clog and liquids will overflow your dispenser’s drip tray.

Monthly / Quarterly Miantenance

Line & Internal Parts Cleaning

It is just as important to clean or have your system cleaned internally to deliver clean great fountain products.

When product/syrups are flowing without restriction, a perfect drink that remains in calibration is dispensed. A happier customer is the result.

While cleaning internally has been more than difficult in the past, BevClean has changed this and made the process nearly as easy as changing a box. Click Here for a video demonstration.

The internal area of your system continually builds up with solids, sugar crystallization and bacterial growth. These solids and solid coagulation cause:

  • pumps to work harder
  • dispenser valves to clog
  • restriction in product flow
  • Service Calls

As well, the solids that make it through the valves build up on external parts allowing bacterial growth and molds to thrive.

The picture on the right gives a good idea to what is happening within a system.

Newly Installed System

Whatever method you use or choose, cleaning your lines and internal components should never be neglected.

In Our Next Post

We will be discussing how to use having a clean well maintained drink dispenser as a marketing advantage.

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