How to Calculate How Much BevClean Will Be Needed.

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“How much cleaner will I need?”

This is a question that we are asked regularly… and for good reason.

Whether you are using BevClean for…

  • Cleaning your whole system
  • Cleaning 1 or just a few flavors
  • Flushing product for a flavor change
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Servicing a flavor that is down

…the amount of BevClean needed changes based on the type of service you need to perform.

How to calculate how much BevClean to order:

Information & Formula

# of ounces in each BevClean box:

  1.   1 gallon box = 128 oz
  2.   3 gallon box = 384 oz

# of fluid ounces per linear foot of tubing:

  1.   1/4 inch I.D. (inner diameter) tubing holds 0.5 oz per foot
  2.   3/8 inch I.D. (inner diameter) tubing holds .78 oz per foot

  Note:  Most installation companies are using 3/8″ I.D. tubing as a standard   today, so we will use 3/8″ tubing in any examples.


BevClean Needed (3/8″ tubing)   =
(Length of Tubing Run   x   # of Lines to Be Cleaned)  x  .78 oz BevClean


  • Let’s say your tubing run length is 60′ long.
  • And you have 8 lines you will be servicing that are 3/8″ I.D (inner diameter).The calcualtion would be:

    (60′   x  8)  x  .78  =  374 oz of BevClean needed.

  • Thus, you would need 1 box of BevClean.

  • Please allow several ounces over pour per line of cleaner during the process. So we would recommend you have a second box on hand in this particular example.

As always, please leave us any feedback or questions to which you would like answers.

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